To provide a sustainable cycling development program in which Chicagoland Women Category 1/2 racers compete effectively as a composite team in Pro races.



Chicago has a vibrant, competitive, and growing local women's racing scene. CWEC wants to maintain—and continue to grow—the local scene. In doing so, CWEC will give Chicagoland Women category 1/2 racers the opportunity to race nationally, on a more competitive platform, in order to advance their racing skills and continue to grow a strong cycling community. The program will also be a vehicle to propel aspiring up and coming riders onto the elite platform with a team to back them up.

There are only a bit more than a handful of Chicagoland women racers competing in nationally recognized P/1/2 races. Racing individually, these racers are often not in contention for the podium. We're ready to change that by providing riders with the necessary tools for success.



Chicagoland Women Category 1/2 racers that competed regularly in the 2014 season are eligible to be on the CWEC Race Team. Before selection is finalized, the racer must commit to train, both individually and with the CWEC teammates, and race as teammates at selected races. The composite team is made up of these elite (category 1/2) racers from the Chicago area, formed from the top talent of local teams, to create one powerhouse team to compete in top tier races on the national calendar.

Chicagoland Women Category 3/2/1 racers interested in advancing to elite status or improving their skills, fitness, and race ability are invited to participate in CWEC development events and travel with the team. 

Local racing is not altered. CWEC team members will race on their local Chicago team, mentoring their teammates, and encouraging other local racers to excel.