Welcome to CWEC Camp. Below is some important information we need to gather before the big week! Please read carefully and submit. If there are any questions they can be directed to info@chiwomenselite.org or leave them in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

  1. Register for the LaCrosse Omnium and use our campers discount code: CAMPCWEC. Please do not share this code with others.

  2. Plan to arrive at host housing in downtown LaCrosse, WI by 2PM on Tuesday, April 30. An address for your house will be provided closer to the day. Please plan to organize carpooling with other campers in Chicago. CWEC Camp attendees include: Lisa Hillerin, Lauren Wiscomb, Sam Scipio, Maria Larkin, Anna Affias, Lisa Liam, Mary Randall, Jasmin Welter, Rachel Pearson, Annicka Campbell-Dollaghan, Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan. When needed, riders cars will be used for minimal transportation during camp.

  3. Packing: The houses will have laundry machines. Pack accordingly! Bring lots of options and be ready for any kind of weather. If you don’t bring gloves then Lauren Hall will call you out. Bring your own trainer if you wish to warm up at the races.

  4. Meals: Food will be provided but please bring any specific items you need. Any bike nutrition and recovery will be responsibility of the rider.

  5. Mechanic: We will not have a mechanic at camp but our host owns a bike shop and there will be neutral support at the race. Show up with your bike in good working order.

  6. Training: If you are on a training plan, please arrange to arrive to camp rested. The 3 days leading up to the race series will be good “opener” days and lots of learning but not too heavy on the legs.

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