Our volunteers


Our team of volunteers are some of the most dedicated and passionate people, working tirelessly to bring cycling opportunities to the Midwest. Together we are continuing to pave the way for women and girls in the sport. Will you join us?


Cathy frampton

Co-Founder & President

Cathy leads CWEC with inspiring levels of energy and excitement that is contagious. We couldn't ask for a more driven, positive, and fearless leader.


Daphne karagianis

Co-Founder, Team Coordinator & Designer

Daphne leads by example by showing riders how to succeed, be a good teammate, and reach their best potential. AND her design skills keeps CWEC looking fresh at all times. 

Annie byrne

Fundraising Manager

Annie oversees the fundraising efforts and works to ensure CWEC has the resources it needs to function at a high level and continue to grow. Now she has one more reason to train hard: payouts.

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Kevin PIEtka

Race Production Manager

Kevin makes sure the racers can focus on racing and not worry about their ice socks, rubbing brakes, trainer skewer location, and EVERY OTHER RACE DAY DETAIL. He is our very own denim clad super hero. 


Nathan & morleigh

SnowyMountain Photography

Behind the camera, this duo captures images for CWEC that make you stop and take a second look. At races, you can always count on them having a well-curated snack bag. 


Maria larkin

Race Director & Communications

In addition to her role of Race Director for the 2016 Women's Midwest Road Race Championship, Maria is a tweet and gram master. She keeps the masses up to date of CWEC happenings and inspires us all to up our hashtag and caption game #thanksmaria


Crystal Costello

Membership & Individual Giving Director

Crystal's expertise in program administration and wit is instrumental CWEC's membership and individual giving programs.


Lisa Hilleren

Event Coordinator

Parties are very important and we're lucky to have someone like Lisa at the helm. 


Kayci Sterzer

Grant Writer

Kayci works hard to help us bring in grant money and keep our racers racing! 


Chase Bauer



The creative mind behind getting the CWEC mission out into the world.

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Elizabeth Mckinley

Lead Soigneur

Liz is the first up and the last to bed all race week. She fills and washes bottles by the dozen, manages meals, and does enough loads of laundry to cloth an army. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and we are so lucky to have her on our team.

Gateway Cup - Benton Park 02-244.jpg

Jason Fergurson

Race Day Support

Jason's super soigneur skills kept us us fed, hydrated, and feeling great during some of the most extreme weather conditions we experienced racing together. 




Annicka & Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

Creative Team

From starring in and producing the Raise the Road video, to fundraising, social media, and editing our messy copy, these two do it all.

Lisa Soverino


Lisa is a fantastic volunteer, helping the team towards success on race day and showing her support throughout the year by becoming one of the very first CWEC Members!


All CWEC riders work with the organization to keep their wheels turning. 



Toad - Downers02-034.jpg

Anna Affias


Social media maven Anna uses her super powers for good. She always finds the positive in any situation, looks 2 steps ahead and plans accordingly, and soaks up whatever nugget of (cycling) knowledge she comes across.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped Chicago Women's Elite grow since the very beginning.

Elaine Nekritz

Leah Sanda

Francine Haas

Brian Haas

Paul Swinand

Alison Powers

Rosanna Lloyd

Bill Frampton

Rob Curtis

Sarah Szefi

Gabe Galloway

Frank Schimmel

Gracie Foxwell

Liz Markel

Annicka Campbell-Dollaghan

Lynne Keisling

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

Annie Byrne

Chase Bauer

Gina Heiss

Joan Hanscom

Robin Farina

Amber Pierce

Heather Haviland

Robyn & Brian LaLonde 

Luke Batten & TSH Family

Jannette Rho

Nicole Mertz

Kristen Arnold

Andy McKinzie

Lisa Soverino

All CWEC riders


Special thanks to the Raise the Road crew of volunteers that made the Women's Midwest Road Race Championship a huge success.

Please visit RaisetheRoad.com for more information

Zach Thomas
Meli Marquez
Emmy Byrne
Judy & Bruno Mannarelli
Kevin Pietka
Suzanne Staples
Craig Bryant
Andrea Devine
Morleigh Hilgart
Nathan Schneeberger

Kyle Hagerman
Sean Klontz
Alexandria Barnes
Chris Shelton
Ryan Durrie
Avi Neurohr
Marty Merritt
Lisa Weaver
Bill Frampton
Devin Prendergast

Andrew Santos
Gabe Kroll
Jason Fergurson
Dan Berkley
Brandon Gobel
Jake Kuperman
Jon Skaggs
Brandon Scheidner
Mary Randall
Sage Hahn

Joshua Haines
Mike Heagney
Rawny Semba
Steven Blum
Mike Morell
Eric Hansen
Jason Knauff
Kevin O'Neil
Andew Baldyga