WMRRC 2016: Course Recon & Description



  • Two sections of gravel totaling approx 5 miles
  • No gravel for Juniors


  • We recommend you ride your road bike with 25-28cc tires


Registration Location


Final Course Map

Registration Questions

What category am I if I've never raced before?

You're a Category 4! 

Do I need a racing license?

You don't need one to register right now, but you will need one on race-day. You can purchase a one-day license at the event ($10) or get a annual license in advance at http://www.usacycling.org/.

Do I need to be on team to race?

No, you don't need to be affiliated with any racing club in order to race.

" I think it’s safe to say our nerves have been focused on the idea of riding on gravel during this race, but my mind is at ease after riding the course and finding out gravel is not as intimidating as expected. Although it is a different terrain is really helps shake up the overall flat course and give it some extra spice. As cyclists I think we are inherently looking for the next challenge and this course gives that while adding an exciting and fun feature. I’m looking forward to my first road race being the Women’s Midwest Road Race Championship!"

—Ashely Cova, first-time racer

Detail image of gravel on course

CWEC Riders on a section of the course