11 Ways to Survive 11 Days of Racing at Tour of America's Dairyland

Chicago Women's Elite Cycling spent 11 days racing in Wisconsin. We had a great time representing Chicago among a stacked field of powerhouse teams such as Pepper Palace, United Healthcare, Fearless Femme, New Zealand Cyling Team, and ISCorp. Below is our recap "11 Ways to Survive 11 Days of Racing at Tour of America's Dairyland."

1. Properly chamy your chamois

Please view "Hell on Wheels" at 34:22 for proper application instruction. 


2. Take a break

It is important to take a minute to zone out on things other than bike racing. We went to see Jurassic World. Afterwards we related it back to bike racing, of course. Velociraptors attack from both sides.


3. Find a furry friend

They will make you smile. Teammate Kelli's furry friend Baxter accompanied us to several races. 


4. Hotel Schmo-tel

Host housing is where it's at! Meet the locals, make some friends, replace the beer you drink. Thanks Mark and Sarena for sharing your home with us! 


5. You must have a mechanic friend

Ladies and gentlemen, Rosanna Llyod. Our hero and originator of the word "side piece." 

6. Leisure Rides

Go on a ride that does not exceed 12mph. (Please note Ellen's face)


7. Remember, you're a star

There may be hard days, ups and downs, and sometimes you might want to throw in the towel. But your mom probably thinks you are going to the Olympics next year.

8. Team Winnings Protocol 

Collect them in a small envelope so they feel really plush.

Frame the first prime the team ever won, even if it is just a $20 bill. 

Spend $100 prime on beers and food for SRAM Neutral Support after day 9.

Do not put tired racers in charge of envelope.


9. Make a game plan

Or pretend like you're making a game plan.

No but really, huge props to our Race Director Ryan Connor for taking a chance on a new team and working with us for all 11 days! What a trooper.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.26.23 PM.png

...and then rip it


10. Fireball

And then never speak of it again.


11. <3 (Love)

Making new cycling friends was the BOMB! Tina—we are coming for a slice of your cheese wheel! Moreover, we are so grateful and lucky to have the support of the Chicago cycling family (and beyond!). We heard your cheers, we felt your love, and we strive to be faster, stronger, and tougher for you.

Beers and hot sauce after the last race in East Tosa:

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More Photos from the last weekend of Toad:  www.snowymountainphotography.com

Toad 2015 Top Results:

Our second time racing together as a team had many successes. We are learning how to race together and support each other the best way possible. It only goes up from here! Some top results from the weekend include: 

2 Top 10's, 9 Top 15's, 4 Top 20's, 3rd Overall in the Oarsman Category 2 Top Amateur Competition!